Homo Mixer

Homo Mixer is a distributing and emulsification device that is widely used in the cosmetic field that often stirs substances with high viscosity.

Applied field
Cosmetics, food, medicine, fine chemistry, biology chemistry

Cosmetics / food / pharmaceutical

AGI-Homo Mixer


Homo Mixer

3HP ~ 50HP

Line Homo Mixer
100~100,000 Liters (per Hour)

Super Mixer (Henschel Mixer)

Combi Mixer
50~5,000 Liters

Filling Machine
Specifications for production demands

Extractor, Reactor
Specifications for production demands

Roller Table
Storage Tank

Extracting, reacting equipment Cosmetics, food, fine chemistry

Bio-chemistry Manufacturing equipment

Homo Mixer
It is a machine that makes uneven state of ingredients or properties even. It is mostly applied to the manufacturing equipment field of cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical products, fine chemistry, bio-chemistry with the mechanism that distributes or emulsifies the fluid and powder particles finely.
  • AGI-Homo Mixer

  • Up AGI-Homo Mixer

  • Down AGI-Homo Mixer

  • Combi Mixer

  • Vacuum Combination Mixer

  • Super Mixer