HANUL Co., Ltd. is a corporation and has implemented EPC as a company that manufactures, installs and constructs plants for engineering, semiconductor, pharmaceutical food and chemical plants. We will do our best to become world best in the plant equipment field with consistent efforts.

Applied field
Petroleum, chemistry, semiconductor, pharmaceutical company facilites

    Reactor has various sizes and types according to its uses from small sized reactor with simple agitator and heater to cooling or heating internal coil, jacket, nozzle or entrance to insert or take out objects, ultraviolet ray generating device and electric energy source.


    Reactor is mostly equipped with device that measures its contents’ temperature, pressure, pH and other general property, and is designed in consideration of chemical resistance and intensity on the object that it reacts.

PILOT equipment ▲
It is equipment for test stage before commercial plant. It is to secure Engineering Data for advancing commercial stage.
IMS(In line Mixer System) ▼
More than two ingredients are sent to receiver tank through metering pump to be mixed, and the ingredients are controlled in the mass flow meter, and products are released through pipe.